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July 10 - September 11
PCB Assembly

Fighting AOI false calls

Tired of seeing your AOI operators sanctioning false defects all day long? Discover Mycronic's strategy for fighting false defects and freeing up operator time while maintaining top reliability.

If the Automated Optical Inspection process is not perfectly controlled and adequately tailored to your SMT process, a more or less significant number of false defects may appear in production. Review operators' attention may be drawn to sanctioning these false defects, resulting in wasted time and a loss of focus on the real defects. This situation greatly increases the risk of escape, damaging the reliability of your assembly line. 

To tackle this problem, Mycronic has developed a unique two-step strategy to combat AOI false calls, based on two unrivalled innovations:  

Step 1 / With Escape Tracker, optimization of AOI inspection program parameters and tolerances to avoid the appearance of known false calls while catching all true defects. 

Step 2 / With DeepReview, live double-checking of all identified defects using deep learning AI technology to automatically eliminate a large majority of false-calls without human intervention. 

Why should you attend?  

With this webinar, you will have the opportunity to:  

- Find out how you can use past production data to build the most reliable and robust inspection programs as quickly as possible.
- See how advanced AI applied to false call detection can revolutionize your SMT operation
- Get an insight on how DeepReview, our deep learning based technology, adapts to your SMT manufacturing requirement and keeps improving over time.
- Exchange with our inspection expert  

Next webinar sessions:  

(Central European Summer Time) 

- July 10th, 9:00-9:45 
- July 10th, 17:00-17:45
- Sep 11th, 9:00-9:45
- Sep 11th, 17:00-17:45