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May 28
PCB Assembly

How to boost the productivity and versatility of your high-mix placement process

With the continuous electrification of everything, today's high-mix electronics manufacturers have to produce increasingly complex and varied boards, while maintaining a very high level of reliability. And all this in an often uncertain environment that requires even more agility to mitigate risks.

In addition, due to shifts at the global level, a growing number of low-volume high-mix manufacturers have to deal with increasing batch sizes which puts their production resources under pressure.

To help electronics manufacturers meet these challenges, the MYPro A40, the latest component placement platform from Mycronic is the answer in terms of flexibility, versatility and productivity.

Why should you attend?

In this webinar you will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover the range of components the MYPro A40 is able to place
  • Figure out how the MYPro A40 could raise your overall throughput
  • See how the new Graphical User Interface simplifies and improves the operator’s work
  • Get an overview of all the technological improvements introduced on this new platform


May 28th, 9:00 – 9:40 am or 5:00 – 5:40 pm (Central European Summer Time)