Intelligent software for a

complex environment

With the rising complexity of SMT production comes a greater need for quality data. High part number count, a wide variety of boards, more NPI’s and an ever-changing production schedule are constant challenges that only the most intelligent software can handle. This is why Mycronic’s Assembly Process Management (APM) software suite is tailored for the most complex manufacturing environment imaginable.

Key benefits

  • Connectivity
    Lean information handling
  • Precise
    Material handling
  • Intelligent
    Monitoring, diagnosis, traceability features

Enhance your productivity

With the richest software suite in the industry, we provide fully integrated applications covering the entire chain Enhance your productivity of SMT assembly. Our software tools have been specifically designed for complex high-mix environments. Enabling you to achieve higher utilization, better efficiency, improved service levels to your customers and an improved bottom line. Whatever your role in the production process, our software suite puts you in complete control of your factory's information handling.

Master complexity

Whether you're an engineer, operator or manager, our software suite is intuitive and easy to use – it puts you firmly in the driver's seat. Why? Because it's tailored for the most complex manufacturing environment imaginable. More NPI's, more revisions, a large variety of boards, and urgent changes to the production schedule – these are challenges our customers are overcoming daily.

Connectivity is key

Information handling is the new bottleneck in modern SMT production. That is why it's vital that data generated in one step of the process immediately becomes available to all other shop-floor functions. By
providing an integrated system for planning, kitting, production and storage,
we can ensure not only lean manufacturing, but also lean information handling.

Rely on a proven solution

Mycronic software has a proven track record for unparalleled stability, data integrity and user friendliness. Our system is designed to support integration, multiple users and parallel processes using open interfaces and state-of-the-art software technology.


Turn inspection data into better products with MYPro Link

Get the data and images you need to improve yield, diagnose your PCB process, and continuously improve your products. MYPro Link is your real-time web-based interface for unified SPI and AOI data. Thanks to rapid data correlation and analysis, it delivers powerful possibilities for measuring, controlling and anticipating process variations.


  • Translates data into performance
  • MYPro Review: Fast and clear inspection results
  • MYPro Live: Real-time performance monitoring
  • MYPro Analyze: Powerful yield improvement tool



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