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15 MAR 2022, 10:30

The world is witnessing a massive rollout of heavy-duty boards. Whether for broadband infrastructure, new data centers or electric vehicle fleets, these electronics need reliable protection against an enormous variety of environmental stresses. This is where the MYC60 industrial dispenser comes in, enabling automated 24/7 dispensing of structural, thermal, sealing and bonding fluids across a range of industry applications.

Life isn’t easy for industrial electronics. One day it’s the heat and vibration of an electric drivetrain. The next it’s dust, rain and freezing temperatures at a mountain top 5G base station. Although the conditions vary, all these sensitive electronics share the need for long-lasting protection from the harshest operating environments.

Dispensing that protects our world


Dispensing that protects our world

Electronic sensors, battery assemblies and other complex electronics are vital to the functioning of our society. On the road, they protect against collisions. In our communications grid, they keep us connected. And in an increasingly electrified world, they ensure non-stop supply of everything from electricity to industrial production. Industrial dispensing is our necessary safeguard when electronics simply can’t afford to fail.

Dispense any material

Fortunately, leading industrial manufacturers are already a step ahead, using the MYC60 industrial dispenser to solve their toughest structural, thermal, sealing, bonding and gasketing needs. Complete with precise, heavy duty systems for one-component and two component materials, the MYC60 can be tailored to process a wide variety of fluids for nearly any high reliability  application.

Taking the heat off

Thermal interfaces are just one example of a fast growing dispensing application. Whether it’s odd-shaped components or dense battery arrays, the challenge is to dispense thermal interface materials in precise locations to maximize heat dissipation and prevent overheating. Thanks to the MYC60’s advanced dispensing processes, manufacturers can apply nearly any thermal conductive material to any assembly with total control.

Protecting novel designs 

For the ultimate protection of intellectual property and fragile components, many producers increasingly pot or encapsulate entire assemblies in opaque fluids. From advanced sensors to proprietary designs, the MYC60 makes it possible to fully cast and seal off electronics from curious competitors as well as protect from heat, moisture and vibration.

Better bonding

THT components can be particularly vulnerable to shocks and vibrations. By accommodating any variety of structural adhesives and dispensing angles, the MYC60 enables high-precision bonding that withstands the inevitable  chocks of real-world environments.

Sealing the deal

Regardless of the electronics inside, the sheer variety of shapes, contours and gaps remains a challenge for any assembly. Whatever the pattern or line requirement, the MYC60 can be easily programmed to apply precise seals and gaskets of virtually any shape — with better consistency and less manual effort.

Customized for any production environment

Of course, technical features only count when they can fit seamlessly into ongoing production. Which is why the complete MYC60 system is always customized by Mycronic’s process experts to meet the needs of the most demanding industrial operations.

In-line or trolley systems ensure a seamless flow for assemblies with novel formats and dimensions. In-line pre- and post-weight conveyors guarantee precise material dispensing. And all process controls are managed through an intuitive point-and-click graphic interface, allowing operators of any skill level to program online or offline.

The result is a versatile all-in-one solution for 24/7 automated dispensing, bringing new levels of protection to the world of ruggedized electronics.


MYC60 industrial dispenser