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26 FEB 2023, 11:46

Mycronic’s previous SMD Tower set the benchmark for intelligent component storage. After expanding the line with more high-capacity models, the market’s most efficient near-production storage system is today even more versatile. It’s a system in the forefront, and it’s called MYTower.

The options are wider than ever for manufacturers who demand the ultimate in compact, near-production storage. Thanks to an innovative inventory system, the range of high-end MYTower models nearly doubles the capacity of previous SMD Towers of the same height. 

Double up on smarter storage
The MYTower 5x and 6x, available in two different heights, represent a massive leap forward in storage density. With capacities up to 2,468 reels, the platform packs in as many as 1,000 component reels per square meter to give manufacturers the most space-efficient intelligent storage system available. 

A breakthrough in space efficiency, the MYTower series X models employ an advanced shelving system design with four rotating columns, each of which can contain five positions for 7” reels. At the front and back of the storage system are an additional two positions that can be used for 15” reel magazines or a versatile range of options for component trays of other sizes. Despite offering nearly double the capacity of previous models, the system provides all the same advantages as other MYTower and SMD Tower models, including the same fast retrieval times, automated recording of all stock movements and control and monitoring of MSD components, as well as safe component storage.

Wherever space is tight and demands are high

The MYTower series X will come as a welcome news for manufacturers struggling to keep up with a growing number of miniaturized components. The platforms footprint and reel carousel design are especially optimized for maximizing storage of 7” or 4mm reels. This gives smaller EMS producers the opportunity to consolidate and automate their inventory within a smaller space, even as their product mix continues to expand. For mid-volume producers, it makes it possible to reduce the total number of storage systems, thereby freeing up floorspace to pursue the most optimal workflow strategies. 

A powerful high-mix warehouse

Low-volume, high-mix producers, are of course among the main beneficiaries of the recent expansion in the MYTower portfolio. It is in these demanding environments that efficient material handling, tracking, kitting and changeovers have the most impact on profitability. MYTower 5x and 6x can help to streamline these complex workflows by eliminating inefficient manual shelving systems, offering far greater capacity for storage of customers inventory and bringing more automation directly to the production line where staff movements and proactive replenishment matter most. 

Powerful combinations

The wide range of MYTower options also offers powerful combinations of multiple models. The maximum capacity of MYTower 6x, for instance, can be combined with a MYTower 6+, which offers a wide range of storage options for larger components, wider reels and Agilis™ Smartbox. Configurations like these make it possible to store several thousand reels containing an extremely broad range of components, offering the best of both capacity and flexibility within a very small footprint. 

Together with the dual-terminal option, available on any MYTower model, Mycronics intelligent material handling systems are now more complete than ever before. Whether the future of your factory demands better accessibility, higher capacity, smarter movements or simply more floorspace, the new MYTower family has a member to meet every need.