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MRSI, part of Mycronic Group, is the leading manufacturer of fully automated, high-speed, high-precision and flexible eutectic and epoxy die bonding systems.

Die bonding is a manufacturing process used in the packaging of semiconductors. It is the act of attaching a die (or chip) to a substrate or package by epoxy or solder, also known as die placement or die attach. The process starts with picking a die from a wafer or waffle pack and then placing it at a specific location on the substrate. The die is placed into a previously dispensed epoxy or placed into solder (eutectic).

In the case of eutectic die bonding, the process involves heat and gas management to control the conditions of reflow of the solder. Die bonding usually involves high accuracy at 1 to 3 µm, much higher than other packaging processes. Fully automatic high accuracy die bonders that are capable of epoxy and eutectic die bonding are the lifeblood of the modern semiconductor industry.

MRSI offers a complete suite of products across the volume spectrum, from research and development, low-to-medium volume production, and high volume manufacturing the MRSI product family can satisfy your requirements.

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Essential to the Electronic and Optoelectronic Supply Chain

Whether for research and development, low-to-medium volume production, or high-volume manufacturing, die bonding systems play an essential role in making photonic and optoelectronic devices (such as lasers, detectors, modulators, AOCs, WDM/EML TO-Cans, optical transceivers, LiDAR, VR/AR, LEDs, and sensors), microelectronic RF and microwave devices, and other advanced devices.


Our die bonding systems enable our customers to successfully manufacture Photonic integrated circuits, RF and Microwave modules, Microelectronic hybrid assemblies, and Sensor packages across their production lines. These applications are applicable across multiple industries including data centers, defense & aerospace, energy, information technology, communication, medical & healthcare.

Driving productivity benefits 

Each system focuses on solving an application need and the common thread with all of our solutions is delivering industry-leading speed within each volume category without sacrificing flexibility, precision or reliability. Volume, speed, accuracy with flexibility produces significant productivity gains.

Enabling flexibility 

The electronic and optoelectronic supply chain is facing generational change. Requirements change fast. Flexibility is required without sacrificing productivity. Our die bonding solutions provide superior flexibility for true multi-die, multi-process and multi-product manufacturing environments.

Return on investment

Achieving the highest returns in the industry requires;

  • systems that are proven in the field over decades of installations to deliver reliability.
  • systems that produce the optimum yields on a consistent basis to deliver accuracy.
  • systems that can adapt to changing needs with minimum downtimes to deliver flexibility.
  • systems designed to deliver high-speed without compromising on reliability, accuracy or flexibility.

Our Die Bonding & Dispensing solutions 

Die bonding high volume

Die Bonding - High Volume
1.5 Micron MRSI-HVM Family and MRSI-H Family

Die bonding R&D and mid volume

Die Bonding - R&D and medium volume
MRSI-M3 and MRSI-705

Die bonding dispensing

MRSI-175Ag is a servo-controlled X, Y, and Z dispensing platform


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