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MRSI Systems is now offering our software training videos for free. We offer these modules with the goal to best optimize your companies ROI with our products.

We have produced these immersive software training videos to optimize your company’s experience with our cutting edge die bonding and epoxy dispensing systems. MRSI wants the acquisition of our machines to be as seamless as possible. That is why we created this free software training package.

Each package contains the following modules:

  1. Teach Waffle Pack Single Point
  2. Teach Waffle Pack Large Pocket Two Points
  3. Teach Die Single Picture Boundary Trade with Checkpoints and Pick Offset
  4. Teach Die Two Picture Boundary
  5. Teach Die Backside Bump with Two Fiducials
  6. Teach Die Pattern Match with Pick Offset
  7. Pattern Match Masking
  8. Collet Center Training
  9. Tool Bank Training Step by Step
  10. Production – Select Program and Run

The ten different modules offer thorough and detailed teachings that will streamline the training process for your operators, technicians, and engineers. The virtualization of training is an excellent alternative to hiring on-site training for these machines. Save money, time, and improve the accessibility of your companies training process.

Inside the training videos:

  1. How to program your die bonding and epoxy dispensing systems e.g. how to teach a waffle pack and teach a tip collet to perform tasks
  2. The major features of our software platform common to our systems including the intuitive graphical user interface running on Windows™ and how it simplifies the set-up and production process
  3. How to access the preprogrammed library of waffle pack and die.
  4. How to set up calibration routines, offline programming
  5. How to turn a simple machine into a powerful tool to allow die and placement locations to be taught for use in the future.
  6. Ability to use die in multiple programs and to reteach easily.
  7. Alternate die capability allowing the system to automatically switch between alternate vendors of die.
  8. Our sophisticated advanced vision systems, enabling rapid detection and orientation of die over a full 360°.

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