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S2-16 / S2-16 plus

S2-16  / S2-16 plus

S2-16 / S2-16 plus

  • Productivity Semi-automatic double shuttle system
  • Stability 16 ultra-light carbon test heads with air bearings
  • Flexibility Capable of testing smallest pad sizes even on large products


The Substrate product line is characterized by outstanding test head technology. Linear motor drives in combination with ceramic air bearings provide exceptional speed and accuracy. 

The S2 testers are equipped with a dual shuttle system allowing parallelized test and loading/unloading, maximizing machine utilization. The S2-16 is equipped with 16 test heads and has a test area of 24" x 24.4"

Key benefits

  • Combines accuracy and low witness marks required for the test of substrates with the capability to test large production panels

The semi-automatic dual shuttle system concept gives best system utilization.


16 test heads


Ceramic air bearings for ultra-precise and sensitive contacting  


High-resolution cameras with 6 or 3 microns per pixel (standard version / plus version)


20-micron pad size test capability


Max. test area mode 

610 mm x 620 mm (24.0"x 24.4")

Max. product size 

610 mm x 640 mm (24.0" x 25.2")

Test speed

up to 400 TP/sec (depending on test method)

Smallest pad/pitch size

plus version: 15 µm (0.6 mil) / 30 µm (1.2 mil) (using max. test area 11.8” x 12.2”)

starndard version: 25 µm (1.0 mil) / 50 µm (2.0 mil) (using max test area 11.8 x 12.2)

Smallest pad/pitch size

25 µm (1.0 mil)/50 µm (2.0 mil) (using max. test area 24.0” x 24.4”)

Dual shuttle for faster product exchange


No visible probe marks (using Micro Probes)





High-speed Kelvin 4 wire test up to 300 mA, Embedded component test, 1000 V high voltage


S2-16 plus

S2-16 plus

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Our service offering for our advanced Bareboard testing is a key part of our commitment to our customers. Our objectives are to maximize throughput, performance and yield for the lifetime of every system installed.


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