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Since June 2021 atg Luther & Maelzer is a part of Mycronic.

Mycronic timeline from 1989

Mycronic timeline 2024

Bare board testing timeline

June 2021 atg Luther & Maelzer is acquired by Mycronic.
Oct 2018 Xcerra Corporation is acquired by Cohu, Inc.
April 2014 Combined business renamed to Xcerra Corporation
Dec 2013 atg Luther & Maelzer is acquired by LTX-Credence
July 2006 atg Wertheim and LM Wunstorf start to consolidate operations and merged into atg Luther & Maelzer GmbH
1979 atg test systems: Founding of atg cable and wiring test system
1972 Luther & Maelzer: Founded by Erich Luther & Martin Maelzer


Bare board testing product history

  • January 2021
    Launch of the flying probe tester A9. 
  • June 2017 
    atg Luther & Maelzer celebrates the 1500. flying probe tester produced in Wertheim/Germany
  • March 2017
    Release of automatic flying probe tester A8a with new dual shuttle technology and housing design
  • March 2016
    Release of automatic step tester LM1000 on CPCA show Shanghai
  • June 2015
    Introduction of double-sided substrate tester S3-8 on JPCA Show Tokio
  • Nov 2014
    Introduction  of oversize flying probe  tester with up to 24 test heads and 60″ test area
  • Oct  2014
    Launch of single-sided substrate tester S3-4
  • Dec 2012
    Release of automatic flying probe tester A7a for production panel test
  • Oct 2012
    Release of flying probe tester A7 with direct linear drive technology
  • June 2008
    Introduction of the Octal density (35 mil) fixture tester LM800 Picomat
  • Nov 2007
    Introduction of the new generation of automated flying probe tester A5a on Productronica show Munich



atg test systems history Luther & Maelzer history
  • 2002
    A6 flying prober with 16 test heads launched
  • 1996
    First machines of the LM400 series sold
  • 1991
    First flying probe test system for a 100% test with 6 test probes
  • 1991
    First double sided test system built – LM100/20 series
  • 1980
    First grid bare board system built
  • 1979
    First tester of LP 1800 series built