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  • Productivity Double sided version of S3 with 8 test heads
  • Stability Granit base frame with tension shuttle
  • Flexibility Supports high-end substrate applications


S3-8 is the double-sided model of the single-sided S3 System. The S3-8 has 8 test heads and 2 high-resolution cameras, one on the top side and one on the bottom side. The shuttle of the S3-8 can clamp and tension double-sided substrate boards. For single-sided tests, the S3-8 can be equipped with a vacuum shuttle, which can be mounted in a short time.

Key benefits

  • Catering to the needs of substrate testing

The system combines accuracy and low witness marks with high throughput. It allows double sided ohmic testing e.g. for Kelvin test. But has all the flexibility to deploy also a vacuum table.



8 test heads for double-sided test 


Ceramic air bearings for ultra-precise and sensitive contacting


Max. test area mode 

350 mm x 310 mm (13.8"x 12.2")

Max. product size 

350 mm x 330 mm (13.8" x 13.1")

Vacuum table for reference-based test (optional)


Test speed

up to 200 TP/sec (depending on test method)

Smallest pad size

10 µm (0.4 mil)

Smallest pitch size

25 µm (1.0 mil)

5-megapixel high-solution camera with 1.2 µm/px for top and bottom side


No visible witness marks without sacrificing test speed




High-speed Kelvin 4 wire test up to 300 mA, Embedded component test SECS/GEM integration on demand

Customized automation setup on request




Service for Bareboard testing

Superior service for superior performance

Our service offering for our advanced Bare board testing is a key part of our commitment to our customers. Our objectives are to maximize throughput, performance and yield for the lifetime of every system installed.


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