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20 OCT 2021, 11:39

Over the past year, Hermes compatibility has been added to a number of Mycronic’s SMT solutions. The next step is to extend vertical connectivity by uniting data from multiple machines for standard connection with any MES or ERP system. Find out how Mycronic is taking connectivity to the next level.

SMT factory

FACTORY DIGITALIZATION is on its way. And thanks to new vertical integration capabilities, it’s closer than ever. Over the coming year, Mycronic will continually roll out plug-and-play communication solutions based on a standard vendor-independent factory integration platform.

Plug into leading standards

The new solutions utilize standard protocols such as CFX and CAMX, as well as tailored interfaces to the most common proprietary MES systems. This should come as welcome news for customers looking to advance their Smart Factory initiatives, who can now rest assured that their Mycronic equipment will feed data seamlessly into their preferred factory-wide systems.

Flexible, open and independent

“For our customers, it’s really vital that the machines they buy use the type of connectivity that suits their production strategy,” explains Håkan Sandell, Director of Industry 4.0 platform solutions at Mycronic. “So this is really just a continuation of our long tradition of custom connectivity solutions and open interfaces. But this time we brought in new partners and new standards to expand our offering and take it to the factory overview level.”


Making Industry 4.0 more affordable

The most immediate advantage of standard vertical connectivity, particularly for larger operations with multiple production lines, is that they make it possible to avoid the cost and effort of integrating each individual machine. “By bringing in standard protocols like CFX,” says Håkan, “manufacturers can install their pick-and-place machine, jet printers or inspection equipment one day, and have a full overview in their MES system the next day. This removes one of the biggest obstacles in the journey to Industry 4.0 — the cost of custom integration.”

A bird’s-eye view

Of course, CFX compliance also enables a wide range of high-level production insights including overall equipment efficiency, route control, material control and verification, and fault analysis. It’s a bird’s eye view of factory productivity that goes hand-in-hand with process- and machine-level analysis systems that are already well optimized through horizontal integration.

Tying it all together

Initially, the new vertical integration platforms will support most factory overview and monitoring functions, with additional full automation protocols currently under development. “We’ve really made huge advances over the past couple of years when it comes to line optimization,” Håkan concludes. "Now the need is to take control of the entire factory. By tying everything together with the right protocols, we’re making this not only possible, but more flexible and technology-independent.”

Meet the new MYPro Line™

mypro line

The future just got smarter. With the MYPro Line, you can jet print perfect solder joints at the highest speeds. Ensure non-stop production with intelligent storage and proactive replenishment. And eliminate defects with 3D inspection systems that monitor and improve your process over time. It’s the best of Mycronic in a single integrated manufacturing solution. Now with more intuitive process controls, Hermes support and new dashboard and analysis software to simplify production scheduling and improve line e ciency. All to put the future back where it belongs: in your control.