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January 1
PCB Assembly

Discover the potential of state-of-the-art 3D SPI technology

Find out how to prevent print defects from degrading your SMT process with the latest generation of 3D SPI machine.

During this live webinar, you'll have the opportunity to see what's under the hood of a PI series 3D SPI. The PI series is probably the most efficient SPI system on the market today. It consists of a yet unmatched 360° moiré 3D scanning technology and a super simple programming interface, powered by machine learning.

A live demo of MYPro Link, our inspection-based process control software, will walk you through meaningful KPIs to help monitoring your SMT performance. You will get an insight on how to efficiently determine defects’ root causes with our powerful data drill-down feature, in order to address them and quickly optimize your performance.

Why should you attend?

In this webinar you will have the opportunity to:

  • Understand why our unique 3D SPI inspection technology do not generate false calls nor escapes
  • Discover in live how our Machine Learning based technology enables a 10 min programming
  • Experience in live how MYPro Link process control software helps you to improve your KPIs
  • Exchange directly with our Inspection Experts.

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