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Photomask equipment products

We are the leading supplier of laser-based mask writers for the display and semiconductor industries.

Mask writers enable the display industry

A photomask is an opaque plate with transparency allowing light to shine through in a defined pattern. Masks are used to produce a pattern on a substrate. Several masks are used in turn, each reproducing a layer of the completed design, and they are known as a mask set.

The mask acts as a template and is designed to transfer patterns onto wafers or other substrates in order to fabricate devices of all types.

Display mask writer

Prexision series of laser mask writers play a critical role in this technological revolution. All the world’s manufacturers of advanced flat panel displays use the Prexision series of laser mask writers.

SLX series

SLX laser mask writer is designed to meet the trend of making everything smarter: consumer goods, cars, Internet of Things devices, medical devices, and also industrial manufacturing equipment, to mention a few.

Multi-purpose mask writer

Multi-purpose mask writer

All of our mask writers offer the flexibility to handle diverse mask applications, while still achieving outstanding stability of operation, high writing speeds, large writing areas and the CD uniformity you need to handle demanding requirements.

Mask metrology system

Mask Metrology System

The Precision MMS series is built on the new state-of-the-art control platform called Evo, designed to support growing trends within automation, connectivity, and big data in mask manufacturing environments in order to achieve higher product yield.