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Displays seem to be everywhere these days. They're manufactured in the billions. Nevertheless, there's a growing demand for displays with ever-increasing quality.

With every new generation of smartphones, manufacturers tempt consumers and try to outdo their competition not only with ever-higher resolution and bigger displays but also by switching the panel from LCD to AMOLED.

This trend is creating new, extreme challenges in manufacturing the photomasks that make up a smartphone display. These include:

  • Extremely small structures in the patterns, making the photomasks more sensitive to irregularities (the mura effect). Even though each individual photomask is OK, when several photomasks are combined in a display, the mura effect can suddenly become apparent.
  • As transistors shrink towards the resolution limit of the technology, even a minimal variation in line width can have a serious impact.
  • Longer time to write each photomask. Multi-pass writing may be required, with new demands on consistency – in motion, temperature and pressure.


Fortunately, using both Prexision 800 Evo and Prexision 80 Evo in combination with Prexision MMS Evo, manufacturers can create the kinds of improved displays that make a new smartphone stand out from the crowd.

The performance of our Prexision series is simply breathtaking.

Prexision 800 Evo

  • Designed for top critical photomask manufacturing the most high-end panel.
  • Enables small enough SRAF and OPC structures with high pattern fidelity by 25% increase in resolution.
  • Outstanding CD control allows photomask to secure uniform electrical properties of the transistors.
  • Mask size for up to Generation-8 glass size.

Prexision 80 Evo

  • Improved local placement to counteract 'invisible' mura.
  • Improved line width performance allows smaller structures to be written.
  • Higher performance writing means less need for multi-pass writing and the option of maintaining a larger step height.
  • Mask size for up to Generation-8 glass size.

Prexision MMS Evo

To fully utilize the performance capabilities of the Prexision 80 Evo, you must have a stable reference and a way to calibrate it. This is where the Prexision-MMS comes in.

In addition, this stable reference makes it possible to match the coordinate systems of all the laser mask writers in your production process. This gives you greater flexibility and efficiency in your production planning.

  • Utilize the full performance capabilities of the Prexision 800 Evo and Prexision 80 Evo – and have the means to prove it.
  • High-precision calibration of all your laser mask writers against the same reference.
  • Shorter measurement time for your photomasks.

Our promise

With the Mycronic Prexision 80 Evo and Prexision MMS Evo, you can make the world's most advanced, large-area smartphone photomasks.