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Our MYCare service offering for our advanced Pattern Generators is a key part of our commitment to our customers. Our objectives are to maximize throughput, performance and yield for the lifetime of every Mycronic system installed.

Key benefits

In order to sustainably keep performance and productivity at top levels, you need a superior service package for your system. Maximized equipment uptime and yield are the primary targets for MYCare services:

  • 97% average equipment uptime – and continuously improving
  • 2% performance-based Preventive Maintenance – assures a minimum of unscheduled downtime
  • Individual 12-month Yield Improvement Programs are available with targets to increase yield by up to 30% annually.

Continuous improvements

MYCare Services – a full-cycle of continuous improvements

Our support activities begin long before you notice any activities on your system. We prepare our activities based on our well-documented knowledge base. Then we perform the activity on your system as quickly as possible. After the visit we continue to work on your case in order to make the activity even faster next time.

To ensure maximized productivity, we provide full-cycle services including: Key benefits   In order to sustainably keep performance and productivity at top levels, you need a superior service package for your system. .

  1. Scheduling and preparation – before execution all support activities are well prepared with necessary parts, system history check and experience from similar cases.
  2. Maintenance and calibration – all support activities are performed with minimum production loss.
  3. Analysis and report – actively analysis and reporting is done and filed into our case handling system.
  4. Follow-up and improvement – each activity is followed-up and improvements are proposed based on the result.

Service levels

Three all-inclusive service levels to match your specific needs

Our MyCare support is offered in three different packages depending on your coverage needs; MYCare Gold (24/7), MYCare Silver or MYCare Bronze (M-F, 9-5).

All MYCare Service Packages are all-inclusive, covering:

  • Preventive Maintenance and consumables
  • Parts supply and inventory management
  • Phone support + remote support
  • Emergency support with 3 escalation levels
  • Software and hardware updates
  • Sustained engineering

MYCare also offers a number of optional services, such as customer training, special customer projects and application support. We can therefore tailor your MYCare service package to your specific needs.

Our promise

To maximize the value we add to our customers, we provide:

Performance-Based Preventive Maintenance

By replacing parts based on data, you get more efficient part usage. This kind of maintenance can identify problems before they arise and thus reduce unscheduled downtime.

Engineering expertise – straight from the source

Our continuous investment in training, Best Practice and a global service network ensures that you get fast troubleshooting.

Continuous improvements

We give you more than maintenance and problem-solving. You get the full circle of improvements through follow-up and further improvements based on activity results.