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Display mask metrology system

Display mask metrology system

  • Industry standard Display photomask metrology standard
  • Ensure quality Superior registration performance to ensure produced photomask quality
  • Secure performance Derive mask writer utmost registration performance through precise calibration


Mask Metrology System proves your quality

To demonstrate specs compliance, you must be able to prove that the patterns on photomasks will be properly aligned during the production of the display. In order to accomplish this, you need measurement equipment with even better precision than the laser mask writer.

Prexision MMS series

The Prexision MMS series takes registration measurements to a new level, meeting the requirements of the latest and coming generation photomasks. The system is available in two models, Prexision MMS Evo G8 model and Prexision MMS G10 model.


Prexision MMS Evo G8

The system is built on the new state-of-the-art control platform called Evo, designed to support growing trends within automation, connectivity, and big data in mask manufacturing environments in order to achieve higher product yield.

The Evo platform is based upon a fully modern software and electronics architecture ready to meet both current and future requirements from the industry.

Prexision MMS Evo G8 can handle substrate sizes those are used in display generation 8 fabs.


Prexision MMS G10

Prexision MMS G10 model has same specification as G8 model. And it has ~50% larger stage size therefore G10 model can handle the largest photomask size that is used in display generation 10 ~ 11 fabs. Therefore, the user utilizes the system with more flexibility in production environment.


Prexision MMS Evo G8 and Prexision MMS G10

Model G8   G10
Registration (3σ) 65 nm
Overlay mask-to-mask (3σ) 40 nm
CD repeatability (3σ) 50 nm
Max. mask size 1400 x 1620 mm   1700 x 2000 mm



To ensure high end display photomask quality up to generation 11.



Service for Pattern Generators

Superior service for superior performance

Our MYCare service offering for our advanced Pattern Generators is a key part of our commitment to our customers. Our objectives are to maximize throughput, performance and yield for the lifetime of every Mycronic system installed.


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