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In our open and collaborative workplace, you’ll give and get inspiration in equal measure.

1. Bring tomorrow’s electronics to life

For over 40 years, we’ve been advancing electronics technology – and we won’t stop now. Our passion, together with major ongoing investments in R&D and an enduring appetite for innovation, ensure we will continue to lead the way far into the future.

2. Unlock your potential

Work side by side with some of the leading experts in the electronics industry. Here, in our open and collaborative workplace, you’ll give and get inspiration in equal measure. Opportunities to develop, learn and share what you know with others across roles and cultures.

3. Make a positive impact

At Mycronic, you can rest assured that the work you do will have a lasting positive impact on society, our planet and beyond. Our technology is everywhere. In critical medical devices such as pacemakers and MRI scans. In autonomous vehicles across the planet and even in NASA’s Mars rovers. By building strong relationships with our customers and working closely with them we are able to make great strides for their businesses, the markets and countless communities they serve.

4. Be yourself

As we see it, our diverse workforce isn’t just a key competitive advantage. It’s also the very foundation of our internal culture. Trust and respect for people and technology generate freedom to act, contribute, and make an impact. An open and supportive atmosphere creates an environment where people are encouraged to speak out and bring new perspectives. Simply put, diversity is our strength today and what will allow us to keep advancing the world of electronics long into the future.

5. Grow with a global company

With customers in more than 50 countries and subsidiaries all over the world, we are the very definition of a global company. But that doesn’t mean we are content to sit still. Join us as we continually test new ideas, find new applications for our technology, explore new markets and expand worldwide.

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