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31 MAR 2022, 10:39

In the electronics industry, change is everywhere. With the rising complexity in SMT production comes a greater need for automation, process improvement and quality data. For Mycronic, every change is an opportunity, and one key factor is to develop and nurture the software supporting the changing future for our customers. The work, is enabled through strong teamwork.

Mycronic’s software suite is tailored for the most complex manufacturing environment imaginable. It’s the richest software suite in the industry, providing integrated applications over the entire production chain. Developed through meaningful collaboration.

Mycronic’s software tools for PCB assembly have been specifically designed for complex high-mix environments. Enabling customers to obtain higher utilization, increased efficiency, improved service levels to customers, and last but not least an improved bottom line. Wherever the receiver is, on the production floor or in the control room, the software suite puts them in control of the factory's information handling.

…the ambiance in our projects is clear, we are a team.

Radek Štourač, CEO Kinalisoft

To secure the level of technology this requires, the development team needs cutting-edge talents. The Mycronic R&D team and the software development partner Kinalisoft, therefore work in close collaboration to ensure the absolute top quality product for customers.

Robert Helleday, Head of R&D at Mycronic, explains: “We are devoted to the electronics industry and to be in the forefront of new technology. Working in development projects within Industry 4.0 and Factory Automation together with Kinalisoft, the future of electronics is in our hands.”

Industry 4.0 has been talked about for some time now but has yet to reach its full potential, and here is where Mycronic contributes. The innovative team and its members are driven by new technology and a will to continuously add software features for best possible customer value.

Bringing tomorrow’s electronics to life

“Kinali is a proud software development partner to Mycronic, and we work in a structured manner complying to their design engineering processes and protocols. We prioritize quality over quantity. Our talents are professionals determined to achieve good results and deliver on customer requirements.”, says Radek Štourač, CEO Kinalisoft.

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