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  • Accurate Maintains high positional accuracy at throughputs at least three times higher than general dispensers.
  • Simple Replaces multi-head solutions with one machine. Applicator with low parts count simplifies service and maintenance.
  • Flexible Dual-head option allows dispensing of two different assembly fluids in one process step.
  • Reliable Well-proven design, compatible with a wide range of industry fluids.

The highest throughput in a range of dispensing applications

Low- and high-viscosity adhesives. Selective coating, capillary underfill and encapsulation. The MY700 Jet Dispenser handles it all at substantially higher speeds than any other dispensing system — no matter what type of board you are producing.

Maximum productivity

With a throughput rate vastly higher than traditional glue dispensers, the MY700JD is the market’s fastest dispensing platform. Its dual-head, dual-lane design with faster board loading and on-the-fly fiducials makes it ideally suited for operator-free, high-volume manufacturing where the absolute highest levels of speed and precision are a necessity. The platform’s advanced motion system makes quick work of complex SMA and random dot patterns as well as long travel distances.

Minimal maintenance

The non-contact jetting nozzles are robust and durable, and require minimal maintenance thanks to an integrated valve cleaning station. Applicator heads have few wetted parts, all of which are easily accessible, which means the unit can remain on the machine during maintenance to ensure low running costs and minimal stoppage time. Whenever machine cleaning is required, the MY700JD’s compact format and dual hoods allow easy access from either the front or back of the machine.

Intelligent guidance

To ensure error-free operations, each applicator includes an ID chip and barcode on the cartridge, which guarantees that the right applicator for the job is used. With a vast and expanding range of approved fluids, the MY700JD gives you enormous versatility for future applications, together with vastly improved throughput and minimal operator intervention.

Dispensing goes high speed

Robust and durable, optional dual applicators offer vastly superior throughput rates compared to standard dispensing systems


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