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MY700JP - Jet Printer

MY700JP - Jet Printer

  • High quality and yield Automatic board stretch compensation, operator-independent production and excellent volume repeatability.
  • Unrivalled flexibility 100% software-driven, enabling quick changeovers and board revisions on-the-fly.
  • Complements/replaces stencils Reduce cycle times with 3g acceleration, on-the-fly fiducials, laser height measurement and jetting.
  • Enables lean production Reduce costs and manual work with no stencil handling, cleaning or storage.

Millions of high-precision dots.
Now with twice the versatility.

The MY700 Jet Printer makes it possible to handle the most challenging boards and components with micrometer accuracy, maximum speed and perfect quality solder joints. The smallest and largest dots are now possible to combine with higher throughput than ever before, thanks to dual heads for continuous jetting of nanoliter and large deposits. 

Perfect precision with ultimate design freedom

As boards and components become smaller, smarter and more complex, jet printing stands out as the most efficient solution for the modern electronics industry. Fully software-driven and with complete solder paste volume control, the MY700JP is the optimal way to ensure perfect quality solder joints at high speed – even in the industry’s most challenging applications. From pin-in-paste to package-on-package, flexible substrates and board cavities, even stepped stencils have begun to reach their limits.

With the MY700JP you can handle all these jobs and more with total control of solder paste deposit size, volume, shape and position.

Double up on speed, versatility and precision

The MY700 Jet Printer ensures excellent volume repeatability and solder joint quality to reduce rework. The dual head option also make it possible to combine fi ne-pitch jet printing for the smallest BGAs and 01005 components on the same board as larger-volume deposits for QFNs and connectors. The result is a substantial increase in productivity in a wide range of applications.

Easy setup and error-proof automation

State-of-the-art software and vision systems combine to make the MY700JP one of the market’s most error-free solutions. Simply set up and generate a new job offline from CAD or Gerber data in minutes. Depend on fast, accurate scanning and tracing of the smallest fiducial marks and bar codes. And rely on automatic board warpage compensation, stretch compensation and advanced height measurement to scan the entire boards for cavities, plateaus and warpage. Pre-set parameters for all types of challenging applications will then optimize and jet deposit volumes at a rate of more than one million dots per hour, giving you the highest possible quality and yield for the industry’s most demanding boards and components.

Complete design freedom

100% software-controlled, the non-contact ejectors can be instantly adjusted to accommodate board stretch, preferred dot volume and design changes.


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