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You have been redirected to this site from Vi TECHNOLOGY. Since the acquisition of Vi TECHNOLOGY in 2017, optical inspection equipment has been an integral part of Mycronic's MYPro Line solutions portfolio.

Mycronic is a leading global provider of flexible SMT assembly equipment and solutions, with a comprehensive full line offering including: optical inspection, jet printing, pick-and-place machines, material handling solutions and process control software for electronics manufacturers of PCB assemblies.

The MYPro Line brings together the most comprehensive set of equipment and technical solutions for highly reliable SMT assembly, adapted to electronics manufacturing requiring a high level of flexibility.

Discover Mycronic solutions for SMT assembly

Mycronic inspection solutions

Within the range of SMT assembly products, Mycronic provides advanced technologies for solder paste inspection, automated optical inspection and associated software solutions.

Solder paste inspection

PI series 3D SPI. Perfect solder joints made simple. Accurate solder paste inspection with unprecedented simplicity.

Automated optical inspection

I series 3D AOI. Efficient AOI technology for a wide range of industries. Powerful software, intuitive user interfaces, quality and reliability.