MYT tabletops


MYT tabletops


MYT tabletops


From simple to complex

Quality and flexibility in one

Electronics assemblies are becoming more complex while cost awareness is pushing the boundries of technology. Tabletop robots must be highly capable and scalable to meet current and future requirements. From advanced prototyping to batch production, these systems are designed with flexibility and configurability in mind. Whether gasketing electrical housings or applying underfill on a BGA, scalability into volume batches and repeatable system output allow you to develop and mature your process on a single system. 

Key benefits

  • EASY
    To use
  • Low cost of ownership and maintenance
  • User-friendly
  • Intuitive programming interface
  • Easy customization
  • Proven performance in wide-ranging applications


Underfill, silver epoxy or flux. High-speed SMA, glob top or solder paste jetting. Spanning a wide range of formats, price points and advanced automation features. The MYSmart series gives you a complete portfolio of tabletop and in-line dispense solutions to ensure the right fit for any production environment. 

Compact tabletop dispensing robots

For small-batch manufacturers, the MYSmart series provides a selection of robust tabletop dispensing robots with varying levels of capabilities.

Designed for Assembly

The semi-automated MYT10 series is well suited for cost-efficient handling of odd-shaped electronic and industrial packages, as well as testing, welding and heat-conductive dispensing. Automatic needle calibration and intelligent valve control help to ensure minimal setup and stoppage times for the most complex program routines.

Full range dispenser on a tabletop

The MYT50 series adds more advanced capabilities, including automated calibration and visual inspection, barcode and fiducial scanning, and z-axis laser height compensation, bringing easy-to-use in-line functionality into a space-saving tabletop format. 


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With more than 40 years in the electronics industry and a unique market leading position you can count on us. We understand the fast changes in the market and have a strong local presence in over 50 countries to help our customers. We deliver technologies that are future proof and are devoted to our mission and our clients.

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