Fully automated
PCB dispensing


Fully automated
PCB dispensing


Fully automated
PCB dispensing


in-line dispensers

Underfill, silver epoxy or flux. High-speed SMA, glob top or solder paste jetting. Spanning a wide range of formats, price points and advanced automation features, the MYSmart series gives you a complete portfolio of in-line dispense solutions to ensure the right fit for any production environment.

Key benefits

  • LOW
    Precise and repeatable volumes

Precise dispensing equipment

Dispensing has transitioned from simple lines or dots to a highly specialized equipment. Precise and repeatable volumes of material enable the continuous advancement of electronics packaging. 

Mycronic's automated dispensing systems can handle a wide range of materials such as UV fluids, epoxies and adhesive dispensing. The MYSmart in-line dispensing solutions, proven in the most advanced production environments, offers a wide range of in-line dispense solutions together with a comprehensive portfolio of valve technologies.

Three main platforms, many possibilities

  • MYD10: compact general purpose dispenser. Proven in the strictest high volume production environments with thousands installed globally.
  • MYD10i: large format variant of the MYD10 for large board dispense processes
  • MYD10F: dual lane dispenser with internal flipper for two sided dispense applications
  • MYD50: For higher-precision applications such as complex chip packaging, the powerful MYD50 boosts productivity with linear motor motion control.
  • MYD55X: 5-axis precision dispenser for dispensing on 3D surface applications requiring high accuracy and high throughput.

High-speed jet dispensing

The MY700 Jet Dispenser is the fastest and most precise jet dispensing platform on the market. Its proven ability to jet a wide range of adhesives, UV materials and epoxies on-the-fly at high speed makes it the perfect solution for random dot applications with speeds up to 1 million dots per hour.

See our full product offering for dispensing and conformal coating equipment.


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With more than 40 years in the electronics industry and a unique market leading position you can count on us. We understand the fast changes in the market and have a strong local presence in over 50 countries to help our customers. We deliver technologies that are future proof and are devoted to our mission and our clients.

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