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15 JUL 2019, 10:27

In the visionary project European Horizon 2020 research project SINTEC we get the possibility to share our passion for technology. Together with seven partners, we will develop a technology for stretchable electronic patches.

These patches will be made of soft stretchable circuit board technology and will measure important body functions.

The main advantages should be in comfort and that the sensors do not move so much relative to the skin. Hence, its major impact will not be in replacing other wearables but rather providing novel capability. The smart patches are soft and thin and will serve as a convenient, safe and discreet support system to enhance all aspects of health monitoring.

Increase recovery rate and detect health issues early on

Throughout the project the smart patches will be tested on the Swedish national skiing teams with the hope to help athletes optimize their training while at the same time reduce the risk for injuries.

A broader target group for the project is patients that have heart problems, or patients who are recovering after a surgery. Also, by extension, the patches could give older people greater security by warning them of a slow deterioration of health.

Our main tasks in the project

  • Advancement and testing of production strategies for rigid-stretch PCB technology
  • Study of the industrial manufacturability and related issues
  • Production of a series of demonstrators for use in the laboratory, outdoors, and in a clinical environment

The 8 partners

  • Academic Parties Technical Sciences at Uppsala University
  • Swedish National Winter Sports Center at Mittuniversitetet
  • LINKS research institute from Italy
  • Mycronic AB
  • ST Microelectronics
  • Warrant Hub
  • Evalan
  • MySphera

Visit the project site: www.sintec-project.eu