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18 OCT 2023, 08:00

Mycronic, the leading Sweden-based electronics assembly solutions provider, will continue to respond to growing customer demand for high-flexibility, high-productivity solutions for zero-defect PCB assembly at Productronica 2023 in Munich on November 14-17.

A turnkey solutions provider for all process steps in PCB assembly, Mycronic will welcome visitors to discover its full range of assembly solutions at Productronica, where Mycronic experts in inspection, printing, placement, material handling, dispensing, coating and factory connectivity will all be on hand to discuss manufacturers’ specific production requirements.

The latest breakthroughs in advanced AOI
The MYPro I series 3D AOI, the company’s latest flagship in-line inspection system, will display its new Iris 3D AOI vision technology, which enables manufacturers to improve test coverage while capturing the industry’s highest-resolution images at speeds up to thirty percent faster than previous technologies. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness the system’s new capabilities firsthand, and learn how it helps to continually improve product quality and first-pass yield, at the Mycronic booth.

Escape Tracker, a real-time programming assistant that is part of the MYWizard programming software, will demonstrate entirely new levels of reliability and speed in inspection programming. A live demo will show how the software continuously scans and updates the system’s inspection library to eliminate escapes, substantially reducing false calls and consistently enhancing inspection models over time.

AI in action
A long list of advances in automatic component detection and recognition, automatic component position detection and more accurate 3D review images have been made by Mycronic in recent years. A pioneer in the use of machine learning in SPI and AOI, the company welcomes Productronica visitors to discuss the latest advances in neural networks and their applications for AI-assisted improvements in electronics inspection.

People-centric manufacturing environments
A new touchscreen graphical user interface for the pick-and-place process, featuring improved step-by-step guidance and enhanced process data, is yet another example of Mycronic’s dedication to user-centric design. This new interface, together with the MYWizard inspection programming software, which simplifies complex programming tasks and further reduces the risk of human error, will be demonstrated at Productronica to show how the Mycronic operating environment is designed to support staff of any levels of experience and skill.

Enhanced connectivity and process control
New process control solutions to be introduced at Productronica include an updated MYCenter Analysis pick-and-place dashboard, now featuring a component analytics function that enables faster drill-down into specific process settings for each component. This allows users to better understand and resolve the root causes of process detractors to dramatically improve first-pass yield. MYPro Connect will also bring standard IPC-CFX connectivity to additional Mycronic solutions.

New stencil printer
New for Mycronic customers will be the addition of stencil printing to the company’s product portfolio. At Productronica, visitors will have the chance to experience the advantages of stencil printing, combined with the MY700 Jet Printer and PI series 3D SPI, which together enable add-on deposit and closed-loop solder-paste repair functionality. For manufacturers for whom the fastest cycle times are particularly critical, this add-on configuration combines the flexibility and accuracy of jet printing with the throughput of stencil printing in a single, integrated and cost-efficient platform.

Experience the Agilis kitting station
Manufacturers looking to improve material handling flows to and from the production line will have an opportunity to test the Agilis kitting station in the company’s booth. Years after setting the industry benchmark for speed of handling and ease-of-use, the Agilis feeder system will be part of a hands-on kitting station complete with automated storage solutions and component tracking software.

Tailored solutions for automated electronics protection
Finally, to meet growing demand for high-precision electronics protection, Mycronic will present its full suite of MYSmart coating and dispensing solutions. At Productronica, visitors will be able to experience versatile conformal coating and dispensing solutions and the latest valve technologies, many of which are now firmly established as the leading choices among global tier-one manufacturers.

Producers of consumer electronics, in particular, will welcome the high-speed jet dispensing valve technologies available for the MY700 Jet Printer and Dispenser, making it the industry’s fastest all-material jetting system. Wherever large-area, random-dot dispensing patterns are crucial to manufacturing quality and efficiency, the new jetting system brings the speed and accuracy of the MY700 into a far wider range of dispensing fluid applications.

“Wherever we can add new levels of flexibility, accuracy, advanced automation and easy usability, Mycronic continues to deliver value to its customers,” says Clemens Jargon, Sr VP High Flex Division. “At Productronica, we are thrilled to continue to lead the way by providing the most advanced turnkey solutions for every stage of PCB assembly.”

To experience live demos and to learn more about Mycronic’s MYPro Line, software and connectivity solutions, and MYSmart dispensing and coating platforms, visit booth A3.249 at Productronica in Munich on November 14-17.

For additional information, please contact:
Clemens Jargon
Sr VP High Flex
E-mail: clemens.jargon@mycronic.com
Tel: +46 8 638 52 00

Simon Sandgren
Head of Strategy & Marketing High Flex
E-mail: simon.sandgren@mycronic.com
Tel: +46 8 638 52 00