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January 1, 01:24 - 01:24
PCB Assembly

Optimized PCB assembly

Do you know how effective you production processes are? Are you struggling with capacity? What can you do to improve your utilization?

Improving your line utilization 

Most companies have growth targets and yet there is often a disconnect between plans made in the boardroom and plans made in the production environment. Add to this, the surprisingly low utilization of bench-marked SMT lines, and it soon becomes apparent there’s significant scope for improvement.

Mycronic will help you understand and measure what is really going on in your SMT assembly line and give you insight on how to implement improvements. The net result will be a joined-up strategy and an increase to your bottom line. 

Webinar agenda:

  • Where are you now? 
  • What are your bottlenecks? 
  • Company goals, production objectives, how to reconcile the two?
  • What does an optimal set up look like?
  • Where would you position your company on the utilization effectiveness curve?
  • Utilization case studies
  • Next step – utilization survey
  • Q&A


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