MYCenter Analysis
Get more from your pick-and-place process

How can you get the most out of your Mycronic placement process? With MYCenter Analysis, a new level of performance is in your hands.

Discover how Mycronic’s latest production management software enables you to increase your placement machine utilization and productivity. The MYCenter Analysis dashboard and statistics software offers powerful new ways to act on production data, improve process performance and reduce operator intervention.

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Learn how process engineers can use MYCenter Analysis to analyze and reduce component mispicks and rejects. See how Live View mode monitors your line performance in real time. And take the opportunity to discuss with Mycronic experts how usage data analysis can improve your equipment utilization.

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Explore user stories

See how other manufacturers are using MYCenter Analysis to drive higher pick-and-place productivity in our latest user stories.


DF Elettronica, Italy
“This was exactly our goal: to get the statistical analysis we need for operators to find the reasons for any reject problems.”
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Allelektronik, Sweden
“When you see it visually on the screen it’s obvious where the problem is. It’s saved a lot of time for our operators.”
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Racom, Czech Republic
“MYCenter Analysis serves this data in a way that’s so much easier to act upon. Just by looking at the screen in my office I can see whether I need to go down to the production floor to check for specific errors.”
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Are you looking for the bigger picture on machine balancing, reject analysis and historical utilization? MYCenter Analysis brings all this to your desktop in real time, making pick-and-place performance more visible – and data more actionable – than ever before. As a Mycronic customer, you may already be eligible for your trial version of our latest dashboard software. Contact your local Mycronic representative!