Extending the frontiers

of electronics technology

Mycronic has been a trusted partner to electronics and display manufacturers worldwide for over 40 years. Today, leaders in the SMT, semiconductor and automotive industries use our innovative products, services and solutions to create tomorrow’s electronics – from advanced displays to life-saving medical implants and the next generation of satellites.

Headquartered in Sweden, we are a global organization with subsidiaries, agents and distributors in more than 50 countries. This ensures that we have a deep market understanding and can provide rapid support for all our customers who rely on efficient production.

Always a micron ahead 

From the very beginning, when we introduced the world’s first laser-based mask writer, our innovations have been driven by a single source: our customers. Today, in a world of extremely fast technological change, anticipating our customers’ needs is the foundation of our purposeful innovation process.  

This is how we keep our customers at the forefront of the electronic industry, and how we ensure the creation of innovative, sustainable, high-quality solutions with long product life cycles – solutions designed around the people who use them. In fact, for producers of advanced flat screen displays, our photomask equipment is indispensable. 

The same holds true for some of the most agile and responsive electronics manufacturers, who use our PCB assembly solutions to produce a wide variety of the most complex electronic circuit boards in the world.  

And major industries rely on our fully automated camera assembly and test systems, to produce advanced camera systems at high volumes, maximum yield and total safety for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), defense applications and medical markets. With our ultra-high precision, high speed die bonding solutionsMycronic supports the manufacturing of essential optoelectronic devices, driving high-speed optical communication networks globally and the roll out of the latest 5G technology. 

Our strong patent portfolio is a testament to our commitment to continuous innovation to meet these demands.  

Vision - our target

To be the most trusted partner to the creators of tomorrow’s electronics.

Purpose - our motivation

Bring tomorrow's electronics to life.

Mycronic's vision and purpose are expressed in English as this is the Group's corporate language.

Strength through diversity 

For a company founded on passion, collaboration and outside-the-box thinking, there is no greater asset than a diverse workforce. It is the cornerstone of our global, internal culture, and we actively promote an inclusive and healthy work environment by embracing diversity and showing compassion for our colleagues. Not only does it fuel our innovation capabilities, but it also deepens our understanding of our customers as well as the different cultures in which we operate. We believe quite simply that diversity is our competitive edge.