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7 MAR 2016, 10:00

Täby, 7 March, 2016 - In response to the SMT industry’s need to counter the ongoing productivity decline caused by increasing complexity, Mycronic presents the manufacturing concept Mycronic 4.0 – a highly automated, intelligent factory for just-in-time production – at IPC APEX EXPO 2016 (March 15-17, Las Vegas Convention Center).

Today’s electronics industry faces a harsh reality - last-minute customer requests, stock accuracy issues and more and more changeovers together with an increasing number of NPIs. The industry has recently elevated the attention and concern regarding the decline in productivity. Initiatives like Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory are high on the agenda in many companies. Mycronic’s response to these companies’ growing concern, and the SMT industry’s need for higher productivity, is Mycronic 4.0.  

At booth 2516, the full Mycronic 4.0 concept will be on display – an intelligent factory enabling full visibility planning, complete material tracking, efficient changeovers, automated replenishment and intelligent storage solutions. Mycronic 4.0 is a complete, agile manufacturing solution that masters the complexity of modern electronics production.

Comprehensive solutions for just-in-time production

At the show, Mycronic will demonstrate the next generation in agile performance with near-production storage for proactive component replenishment with on-reel Agilis™ feeders, the new compact Agilis™ Tray Magazine and efficient kitting of the agile MY200 pick-and-place platform designed for a high-mix production environment. The highly versatile MY600 jet printing platform, now with extended large board capability, will be on full display. With solder paste application reaching speeds up to 1,080,000 dots per hour and being a software-driven technology, MY600 reduces setup and changeover times to a bare minimum. Other advances in software-driven productivity include the new Agilis™ Smart Bin system for paperless operator guidance and factory-wide material tracking. Together with a comprehensive software suite for assembly process management, data preparation, production planning, inventory management, line control, traceability and new tools for proactive replenishment monitoring, the full range of Mycronic 4.0 solutions on display represents a holistic, 360-degree approach to modern SMT manufacturing.

New high-speed and high-accuracy jet dispensing

The new jet dispenser MY600JD, with its high-performance jet dispensing capabilities, makes it possible for the electronics industry to substantially improve productivity when dispensing a wide range of fluids. The technology is well suited for a variety of industry applications including chip encapsualtion, cavity fill, SMA, gasketing, sealing, edge bonding, conductive adhesives and more. The high-performance MY600JD achieves micrometer precision while delivering throughputs 2 to 10 times higher than those of traditional dispensers, depending on the application. These productivity gains are yet another example of Mycronic’s ability to give customers a leading technology edge within the electronics industry. The new jet dispensing capabilities are scheduled to be available in the second quarter of 2016.

New higher capacity storage solution for 15" reels

A new SMD Tower, now capable of storing component reels up to 15” in diameter, answers the needs for automated storage among higher volume manufacturers. Able to handle reels ranging from 4” to 15”, as well as JEDEC trays, the highly compact solution has expanded its capacity to an impressive 980 component reels within a single unit. Due to its high degree of built-in intelligence and automation, the SMD Tower is a key enabler of efficient material handling and proactive component replenishment, particularly when used in combination with MY200 pick-and-place machines.

New advances in Agilis feeder technology

The Agilis Tray Magazine (ATM) is the latest addition to the Agilis family of smart and user-friendly feeders. Being able to handle up to 8 JEDEC trays in a compact and movable unit, the ATM is the perfect choice for low-to-medium volume tray handling. The ATM has all the features Agilis user have come to take for granted, easy off-line preparation of parts, a unique ID chip that prevents mix-ups, and an intuitive operator panel for quick replenishment. When combined with the Agilis Smart Bin system, which enables paperless kitting and changeover guidance for tape and now also stick components, the result is a material handling solution that enables the industry's lowest changeover cost.

Reaching new heights in productivity with Mycronic 4.0

“Our latest developments show that we can tackle the rising complexity of material and information handling,” says Brian Duffey, President of Mycronic Inc. “Mycronic 4.0 is our answer to the electronic manufacturers’ demands for significantly higher productivity, and visitors will have the opportunity to discuss their challenges with a business partner capable of delivering measurable results.”

To see the latest innovations for closing productivity gaps not just on the shop floor, but throughout the entire processes in the factories, Mycronic welcomes press, prospects and exisiting customers to visit Booth 2516 at the IPC APEX EXPO in Las Vegas, Nevada From March 15 to 17.

Contacts at Mycronic:
Brian Duffey
President Mycronic Inc.
Tel: +1-978-948-6919

Simon Sandgren
Marketing Director Business area SMT, Mycronic AB
Tel: +46-8-638 52 00

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