Long line of pioneering innovations

When the most advanced manufacturers needed a fully integrated, agile production solution, we listened. When the top display producers demanded a revolution in image quality and throughput, we responded. And when billions of electronic devices are being produced this year alone, we are still here – helping innovators create technologies that shape our world.


1985 The world’s first flexible machine for short series production and the assembly of surface mount devices is introduced.

1990 First large area mask writers used for writing shadow masks for cathode ray tube TVs.

1990s On-the-fly electrical verification of components before placement, real-time re-optimization of mount order, and random feeder loading introduced as standard on SMT pick-and-place machines.

1990s LRS series laser mask writers enable a global revolution in thinner, lighter, better-performing laptop computers.

2001 Agilis, the world’s first passive and intelligent feeder, dramatically reduces workload in the assembly process with loading times of less than 10 seconds.

2003 MYLabel material handling software system provides complete material tracking and reduces kitting errors to a bare minimum.

2003 LRS15000 enables the production of 1.5 m photo masks for Generation 8 substrates.

2004 Sigma7000, the world’s most advanced laser pattern generator, is released based on the analogue Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) technology.

2005 World’s first solder paste jet printer is released, providing completely software-driven, operator-independent, high-quality solder joints without using stencils.

2007 Prexision series laser mask writers allow manufacturers to introduce high-end smartphones, tablets and TVs with HD displays.

2008 First generation of highly automated, intelligent component storage systems for electronics assembly manufacturers is introduced.

2008 New generation of SMT assembly machines is released with a unique combination of flexibility, intelligence and speed. 

2014 Jet printing technology reaching speeds of more than 1 million solder paste droplets per hour, applied on-the-fly with micrometer precision.

2014 Prexision 80 opens up opportunities for full HD smartphones and AMOLED displays.

2015 Electronic labels used for the first time in material handling and paperless kitting guidance.




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