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5 MAY 2022, 10:51

In the outskirts of Stockholm lies the corporate office of Mycronic. Inside the industrial building, CEO Anders Lindqvist leads a dedicated team of engineers, located all over the world, in bringing tomorrow’s electronics to life. As a global supplier of high precision production equipment, Mycronic is committed to extending the frontiers of technology.

Furthermore, what the company is especially known for is that Mycronic holds a unique position as the world's sole production solution for advanced photomasks, the technology behind your cellphone, laptop, and TV displays.

Remaining an industry leader, however, requires a constant drive for innovation.

An environment where innovation thrives

“Our ultimate goal is to be part of creating electronics that make peoples’ life better. We are happy but never satisfied as we are always looking for innovating solutions. To ensure that, I believe that it’s important as a company to create an environment where innovation thrives. A place where people dare to experiment and aren’t afraid to make mistakes.” Anders explains, and continues,

“I really encourage everyone to be exploratory and try new things. Of course, not being afraid to make mistakes shouldn’t mean careless work. It’s important that we keep our entrepreneurial spirit while remaining organized. In short, this means systematic innovative thinking.”

Team working in clean room

A genuine understanding of the industry

Like the majority of Mycronic’s employees, Anders’ thorough understanding of the electronics industry comes from his background and interest in engineering.

“After I graduated high school with a degree in engineering, I wanted a break from academics, so I chose to join the military instead of going straight to University. After four years, I knew I wanted a change.” Says Anders, who then went on to study marketing at the University of California.

But it was his professional journey that made him particularly suited to lead Mycronic. After nearly 15 years abroad in places such as Shanghai, Belgium and France, Anders has gained valuable international customer insights. This is crucial knowledge for leading a company where 99% of all customers are located in electronics hubs outside Sweden.

“At the end of day, we want to create products that are meaningful and help our customers succeed,” he says. “To do this, Mycronic’s main focus must always be to support the creation of the next generation of electronics. Of course, ensuring customer success also means continuously striving to proactively eliminating potential customer problems and recognizing customer needs”, Anders concludes.

Collaboration is key to remaining fast and efficient

Needless to say, agility and speed are key to remaining in the forefront of innovative companies. In addition to gaining valuable customer insights, Anders years abroad helped form a broader understanding of how to lead effectively. ”For me, a crucial realization was that when there is broad participation from the employees, the company can move fast and be agile.” Anders says.

We ensure success when we make sure talented people reach their full potential.

Ensuring broad participation, in turn, requires effort in form of collaboration and cross learning initiatives. “We need to really make use of the fact that we are 2,000 smart people around the world working for a joint purpose.” He says, adding that “We ensure success when we make sure talented people reach their full potential.” This, he explains, is best achieved by delegating responsibilities rather than tasks. The effect becomes that people take ownership of their field of responsibility and related achievements.

The approach is paying off. Since Anders assumed his position as CEO, he has successfully increased profits and continued Mycronic’s growth journey through long-term strategy implementation, organizational development and further acquisitions. These efforts have opened new possibilities for Mycronic to leverage the innovative power of all employees, enabling new technologies and bringing tomorrow's