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9 NOV 2015, 12:00

Täby, 9 November, 2015 - Mycronic, the leading Sweden-based SMT solutions provider, is again expanding the capabilities of its highly versatile MY600 solder paste jet printing platform. At Productronica 2015 (November 10-13, Munich Trade Fair Center) the company will demonstrate new high-speed and high-precision jet dispensing capabilities for the MY600, making it the fastest dispensing platform on the market.

New high-speed and high-accuracy jet dispensing
The new jet dispenser MY600JD, with its high-performance jet dispensing capabilities, makes it possible for the electronics industry to substantially improve productivity when dispensing a wide range of fluids. The technology is well suited for a variety of industry applications including chip encapsualtion, cavity fill, SMA, gasketing, sealing, edge bonding, conductive adhesives and more. The high-performance MY600JD achieves micrometer precision while delivering throughputs 2 to 10 times higher than those of traditional dispensers, depending on the application. These productivity gains are yet another example of Mycronic’s ability to give customers a leading technology edge within the electronics industry. The new jet dispensing capabilities are scheduled to be available first half of 2016.

Key benefits of the MY600JD:

  • high-speed and high-precision jet dispensing
  • on-the-fly and non-contact
  • random dot patterns at high-speed
  • wide selection of dispensing fluids and applications
  • 2 to 10 times faster than traditional dispensers (application dependent)

A high-performance platform
The 100% software-driven MY600 platform is already renowned for its ability to apply high-precision solder paste deposits on-the-fly with micrometer accuracy. Capable of jetting nanoliter droplets of solder paste at 1,080,000 dots per hour, the platform achieves 3g acceleration stabilized by a casted stone base and carbon fiber gantry system, and is controlled by state-of-the-art linear drive systems and high-resolution encoders. For the SMT industry this amounts to an unmatched combination of speed, quality and design flexibility. Whether used as a stencil-free replacement for screen printers, as an add-on solder paste printer in high-volume applications, or as a high-speed jet dispenser, the MY600 is a leading example of the agile performance enabled by the Mycronic 4.0 intelligent factory for just-in-time production.

Replacing screen printers with error-free automation
One application on display at Productronica will focus on MY600 as a screen printer replacement. As a 100% software-driven platform, the MY600 supports on-the-spot design revisions within a very lean and efficient changeover process. Operators need only import their design from CAD or Gerber data and select the program for the fully automated printing process to begin. The shape and volume of each deposit is controlled individually, ensuring consistent results over time with no operator fine-tuning. True to the Mycronic 4.0 design philosophy, the platform achieves optimal line utilization through easy last-minute revisions, off-line and on-demand job preparation, and minimal changeover times.

High-volume solder paste jet printing
For high-volume manufacturers, Mycronic will demonstrate the MY600 as an add-on to screen printing. Able to add solder paste at very high speeds where screen printing is otherwise insufficient, the MY600 opens up new design possibilities for challenging applications like larger components, mounting shields, high-precision repairs or cavities. More and more high-volume manufacturers are adding a jet printer to their lines to overcome the quality limitations of stencils and to enhance line utilization by eliminating bottlenecks caused by prototypes and short batches.

Visitors to Productronica will be invited to view demonstrations of the versatile MY600 platform and to start a dialogue on how the technology can benefit their specific applications. Screen printing replacement, add-on applications and the new jet dispensing capability will all be demonstrated for visitors at booth A3 341 at Productronica 2015.

Contacts at Mycronic:
Frank Huysmans
VP Jet Printing and Dispensing, Mycronic GmbH
Tel: +46 89 45 24 24 8-0

Simon Sandgren
Marketing Director BA SMT, Mycronic AB
Tel: +46 8 638 52 00
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