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20 APR 2015, 08:30

Täby, 20 April, 2015 - Mycronic AB (publ), launches the Prexision MMS, a measurement system, for quality assurance of advanced photomasks. The product launch will take place during Photomask Japan. In connection with this event Mycronic hosts a global customer seminar and gathers together customers, partners and other manufacturers within the display industry.

The trend within the electronics industry is towards increasingly more advanced products in which the display often is a key component. We, as end consumers, are demanding displays with better image quality in all of the devices we use. This in turn places requirements on the photomasks which are a prerequisite for manufacturing of all displays.

During 2014, Mycronic launched the Prexision-80 mask writer which enables manufacturing of the most advanced display products. This mask writer, the most advanced to date, offers better image quality, which increases the effectiveness of production for photomask manufacturers as well as increase production yield among the display manufacturers.

To use the full potential of the Prexision machines there must be measuring tools with enough accuracy to calibrate these machines. This measurement performance is also needed during the production process to assure the quality of the most critical photomasks and to ensure they meet all specified requirements. The measuring machines available on the market today do not meet these needs. Hence, Mycronic's launch of the Prexision-MMS. In conjunction with the sale of a Prexision-80 machine at the end of 2014, extended functionality for measuring of advanced photomasks was also sold. The machine now being launched is an extension of that concept.

”The combination of a Prexision-80 and a Prexision-MMS offers the quality and production efficiency necessary for display manufacturing in the future”, says Magnus Råberg, Senior VP and General Manager Pattern Generators at Mycronic AB. ”We offer products that solve the challenges our customers face, thereby enabling high quality progress within display manufacturing. The Prexision-MMS system which is now under development will be available for delivery in 2016. The price for a system is in the span USD 14-17 million”, concludes Magnus Råberg.

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Sr VP & General Manager PG
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Per Ekstedt
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The information was submitted for publication on 20 April, 2015.