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25 JAN 2019, 12:00

Mycronic, the leading Swedish high-tech company providing production equipment with high precision and flexibility to the electronics industry, is introducing two new compact pick-and-place machine models to enable high-flexibility production lines with speeds up to 100,000 components per hour. At IPC APEX 2019 (January 29-31, San Diego Convention Center, booth 2141) the company will demonstrate how the new MY300HX and MY300EX can be configured to expand customers’ production capacity while maintaining the highest quality and uptime in demanding applications.

Combining high flexibility with high speed
Among high-mix electronics manufacturers, Mycronic’s pick-and-place solutions have long been valued for their high productivity and low cost-per-placement in the most complex production environments. In 2017, the newly designed MY300 models were introduced to meet the challenges of growing product mixes and a wider variety of miniaturized components, with just half the machine footprint compared with the previous MY200. The new MY300HX and MY300EX continue this design evolution, further reducing the machines’ footprints to add new configuration possibilities that combine high flexibility with high capacity.

Up to twice the throughput of previous line configurations
“Previously, some customers would hit a speed limit with our machines and choose to add a separate high-speed line,” says Mattias Jonsson, Product Manager Pick-and-Place at Mycronic. “The new MY300HX and MY300EX solve this thanks to comprehensive software and hardware upgrades. As a result, assembly lines based on the new models provide flexibility similar to our high-capacity Synergy lines, but with up to twice the throughput.”

Mid-volume to small-batch with seamless productivity
The high-speed placer MY300HX and the fine-pitch and odd-shape placer MY300EX offer an array of compact and flexible line configurations. For mid-volume manufacturers and others expanding into larger series production, the most attractive setup includes three machines in a single line. This mid-volume line, to be demonstrated at APEX 2019, promises a strong return on investment for producers who demand the future-proof automation and technical capabilities of an integrated Mycronic system by eliminating the need for a separate, dedicated high-speed line.

Simplifying complex production at high speeds
“The new MY300HX and MY300EX are key parts of our MYPro Line design strategy, which promises customers an integrated set of modular technology platforms that connect with any intelligent factory environment,” explains Dr Thomas Stetter, Sr VP, Mycronic Assembly Solutions. “These new pick-and-place models are compact enough to meet higher volume demands in a single line while maintaining the highest uptime and flexibility in tomorrow’s most demanding applications. Whatever future components, boards or batch sizes you might encounter, now there’s a way to handle them at high speeds with non-stop intelligent automation.”

A compact, flexible and future-proof pick-and-place line rated at 100,000 components per hour, with capability of placing 35 mm (1.4”) tall components, will be on display at the Mycronic exhibition booth at IPC APEX 2019, January 29-31 at the San Diego Convention Center, booth 2141.

For further information, please contact: 
Dr Thomas Stetter
Sr VP Assembly Solutions
Tel: +46 8 638 52 00, e-mail: thomas.stetter@mycronic.com

Simon Sandgren
Marketing Director Assembly Solutions
Tel: +46 8 638 52 00, e-mail: simon.sandgren@mycronic.com

Tobias Bülow
Director IR & Corporate Communications
Tel: +46 734 018 216, e-mail: tobias.bulow@mycronic.com

The information in this press release was published on January 25, 2019, at 12:00 a.m. CEST.

About Mycronic 
Mycronic AB is a Swedish high-tech company engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of production equipment with high precision and flexibility requirements for the electronics industry. Mycronic’s headquarters are located in Täby, north of Stockholm and the Group has subsidiaries in France, Japan, China, the Netherlands, Singapore, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Germany and the USA. Mycronic (MYCR) is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. www.mycronic.com