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4 OCT 2021, 14:00

As a leading global partner for integrated PCB assembly solutions, Mycronic will continue to demonstrate the benefits of the flexible factory at Productronica in Munich, November 16-19, 2021. In addition to the latest integrated SMT line, along with advanced jet printing, dispensing and material handling solutions, the company will highlight recent advances in 3D inspection technologies, process analysis tools and process control software.

Agile solutions for a changing industry

As electronics assembly continues to grow more complex, with a trend towards smaller batch sizes and less predictable production environments, Mycronic will offer an array of new opportunities to enhance manufacturing agility. Regardless of their production volume, Productronica visitors will have the opportunity to discuss their most pressing production bottlenecks with Mycronic’s experts, whether the challenge is optimized planning, anticipating and adapting to process variations, or enabling product customization down to batch-size-one.

High-reliability manufacturers will also have the opportunity to discover how Mycronic’s solutions can help secure their output quality for mission-critical applications such as aerospace, medical or advanced driving assistance, where failure is not an option. To address these extreme quality demands, a comprehensive range of process control, traceability and dispensing solutions will be on display.

For producers exploring new ways to convert production data into higher productivity, a number of new data visualization and programming tools will also be demonstrated at Productronica. “Our process solutions already cover all of the factory workflows surrounding PCB assembly,” says Clemens Jargon, Sr VP, Assembly Solutions High Flex, “including every process from naked board to coated product. Now we’re bringing all this production and inventory data to the surface, making it more visible and more actionable. It’s part of a continuous strategy to minimize the effort that goes into data preparation and programming, while enhancing user control.”

Enhanced connectivity and process control

With all MYPro process steps now Hermes compliant, Mycronic will demonstrate a growing range of new automation features, closed-loop processes and process control capabilities. An important next step is providing customers with seamless data integration into factory-wide systems. “By bringing in protocols like CFX,” says Jesse Dowd, VP Global Sales, Assembly Solutions High Flex at Mycronic, “manufacturers can install their pick-and-place machines, jet printers and inspection equipment and have a full overview in their MES system the next day – without the high costs of custom integration.”

Closing loops in line automation

The MYPro Line, the company’s integrated SMT line solution, will be used to demonstrate a number of new software and automation capabilities at Productronica. The MYPro Link software, which correlates data between solder paste inspection and automated optical inspection, now features even more interconnected process controls to further improve inspection efficiency and line performance.

The company’s award-winning solder paste inspection and jet printing repair system will also be on display, showing how smart process integration can eliminate defects and automatically increase first pass yield. This solution will prove especially useful in electronics manufacturing for automotive applications, where rework of PCBs is typically not allowed. In addition, the new MYCenter Analysis software will provide opportunities to simplify production and enhance overall equipment effectiveness, by offering powerful new ways to act based on production data, improve process performance and reduce operator intervention.

Beyond PCB assembly with coating and dispensing

Finally, the MYSmart range has expanded its offering of new equipment and features, amounting to a one-stop-shop for coating and dispensing solutions. For the first time, visitors will be presented a complete MYSmart coating line including a modular UV curing oven and coating inspection unit, among other innovations. On the dispensing side, manufacturers of 5G or similar heavy-duty boards will have the opportunity to experience the MYC60 industrial dispenser, while mid- to high-volume EMSs will have the chance to improve productivity with the new APJ1000 jet valve running on the MY700 platform, resulting in the fastest all-material jet dispenser on the market today.

To experience live demos and to learn more about Mycronic’s MYPro Line, software and connectivity solutions, dispensing and coating platforms, and other assembly solutions, visit hall A3, booth 342 at Productronica in Munich, November 16-19, 2021.

For additional information, please contact:
Clemens Jargon
Assembly Solutions High Flex

Tel: +46 8 638 52 00, e-mail: clemens.jargon@mycronic.com

Simon Sandgren
Head of Strategy & Marketing

Assembly Solutions High Flex
Tel: +46 8 638 52 00, e-mail: simon.sandgren@mycronic.com

Cathrin Wisén
Director Corporate Communications

Corporate Office

Tel: +46 8 638 52 00, e-mail: cathrin.wisen@mycronic.com


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