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20 APR 2017, 08:30

Täby, 20 April, 2017 - The all new MY700 high-speed jet dispenser, for jet printing of solder paste and dispensing of assembly fluids, is the first release in Mycronic’s next-generation MYPro series product lineup. As part of the new high-productivity MYPro series, the MY700 will process any type of circuit board, from standard to complex flexible boards, by jetting high-speed, high-precision solder paste and assembly fluid deposits.

 High-mix and higher volume SMT manufacturers continue to face growing product mixes and challenging boards, together with a wider variety of miniaturized components and adhesive fluid applications. To meet these challenges, as part of the Mycronic 4.0 intelligent factory solution, Mycronic is releasing the MY700, designed to increase productivity in a broader range of complex applications. With the release Mycronic can address more applications and a larger market.

MY700 – Solder paste and adhesive jetting with twice the possibilities

The new MY700 Jet Printer and Jet Dispenser marks the first release under the MYPro series. Its new dual-lane, dual-head design with high-speed, state-of-the-art jetting heads makes it the industry’s fastest way to jet both high-quality solder paste deposits and a broad range of adhesive and assembly fluids.

The dual-head design covers the widest possible range of solder paste dot volumes for small and very large components, or can be configured to jet two different types of media including solder paste and adhesive. The MY700’s dual-lane capabilities ensure a non-stop flow of multiple boards, amounting to faster cycle times with no operator intervention.

With just one fully software-driven machine, the MY700 makes it possible to combine an array of challenging process steps with no need for screen printers or general dispensers, all within just one-and-a-half square meters of floor space - a reduction of 30% to previous machine generations. Advanced automation features include automatic job selection from barcode, fiducial recognition on-the-fly, fast scanning of bar codes for traceability, automatic board stretch compensation as well as laser height measurement for board warpage compensation.

 “Everywhere manufacturers demand more automation, increasing numbers of process steps and higher throughput with greater precision, all within less factory space,” says Clemens Jargon, VP Global Dispensing. “The MY700 answers all of these needs at speeds of 300 dots per second with micrometer accuracy delivering throughputs up to 10 times higher than those of traditional dispensers.”

The MY700 will be available in three different models:

MY700JX – The all-in-one solution for solder paste and adhesive jetting

In complex mixed production environments, the MY700JX can eliminate the need for both, screen printers and glue dispensers. Dual heads allow manufacturers to combine solder paste jet printing with high-speed jet dispensing of a wide range of approved fluids such as adhesives, UV materials and epoxies.

MY700JP – High-precision solder paste jetting of any deposit volume

The MY700 Jet Printer makes it possible to handle the most challenging boards and solder paste deposits with micrometer accuracy, maximum speed and superior quality. The MY700JP provides complete control over solder paste deposit volume, shape and position, making it ideal for challenging applications such as pin-in-paste, package-on-package, flexible substrates and board cavities.

MY700JD – The world’s fastest adhesive dispensing platform

For high-volume applications, the MY700 Jet Dispenser is designed to enable substantially higher throughput than any other dispensing system on the market. Its dual-head, dual-lane design with faster board loading and on-the-fly fiducials makes it ideally suited for operator-free, high-volume manufacturing. Thanks to its advanced motion systems, the MY700JD ensures significantly higher throughput rates for all kinds of selective coating, capillary underfill and encapsulation applications, as well as for complex SMA and random dot patterns.

Visit booth 1E45 at NEPCON China

For a live demo of the all new MY700 Jet Printer and Dispenser, flexible pick-and-place equipment, automated near-production component storage solutions and a comprehensive software suite for assembly process management, Mycronic invites customers and the press to visit booth 1E45 at NEPCON China in Shanghai, April 25-27, 2017.

For more information on the MY700 family, or to book a meeting at NEPCON China 2017, please contact:

Contacts at Mycronic:

Clemens Jargon                                                              
VP Global Dispensing                                                       
Tel: +46 8 638 52 00                                                       


Simon Sandgren
Marketing Director Assembly Solutions
Tel: +46 8 638 52 00

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