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21 AUG. 2023, 17:41

We do many things to make Mycronic more diverse and inclusive. For example, we support women in tech and help them connect with each other from all over the world. We also encourage young people to become engineers in the future. That’s why we are very proud to join Diversity Charter Sweden.

Watch our short presentation film here

Watch the film in Swedish, with English subtitles

With a people-centric culture, a diverse workforce as one of the greatest assets - building a diverse and inclusive workplace is key for us at Mycronic. We value the uniqueness of every employee and want them to feel a sense of pride and belonging. 

By signing Diversity Charter, Mycronic makes a voluntary commitment to create and maintain an inclusive working environment for the employees without discrimination on the basis of gender, racial or ethnic origin, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation.

Mycronic in Sweden is a member of a European diversity network called Diversity Charter Sweden. The network is the world´s largest diversity and inclusion network and it brings together 15 400 organizations representing over 17 million employees. 

The aim is to raise awareness and engage companies that aspires to increase their creativity and competitiveness by exchanging ideas, knowledge and experience about this matter with other companies and organizations.