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Mycronic is committed to ensuring and cultivating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. Operating in a global market like we do, it is a necessity to have a diverse workforce to serve our customers that are spread across different markets and cultures. Diversity, equity and inclusion is important for our innovation power and for staying competitive in a rapidly changing world and marketplace.

Mycronic is dedicated to driving improvements to secure a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce and culture, and to create a safe working environment where differences in background and perspectives are nurtured and celebrated.

This policy sets out the main principles for diversity, equity and inclusion within the Mycronic Group:

  • Visible and invisible differences that exist in our workforce, characteristics that makeand invisible differences that exist in our workforce, characteristics that make each individual unique, as well as diverse ways of working and thinking, are expected, welcomed, accepted, and valued.
  • We are committed to ensuring and creating a diverse work environment and an inclusive workplace where everyone feels respected and valued. A work environment free of bullying, harassment, victimization and unlawful discrimination, promoting dignity and respect for all.
  • Everyone should have equal opportunities to reach their full potential and everyone’s contribution should be recognized and valued.
  • Everyone within Mycronic has a responsibility to always treat others with dignity and respect.
  • Everyone within Mycronic is expected to show conduct that reflects inclusion during work, at work events on or off the work site and at all other company-sponsored events.
  • Diversity and inclusion plans should be developed for each division, country and site where we have companies and employees. The plans should reflect local needs and take into account local legislation. The plans should include clear goals for the identified improvement areas and be followed up at divisional and local management level. 

Mycronic's Code of Conduct also clarifies our standpoint regarding Equal employment opportunities, discrimination and Anti-Harassment.



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