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Mycronic is committed to providing a safe, healthy environment for employees, consultants and all those who work on or visit our premises. The objective is to ensure and sustain a safe and secure workplace in all our operations around the world. This is achieved by effectively addressing health and safety issues and maintaining a world-class health and safety culture that is fully supported at all levels of the organization and embraced by our employees, consultants and visitors.

The Group Health and Safety Policy is important to the long-term sustainable growth of Mycronic and sets out the main principles for health and safety within the Mycronic Group. All divisions, countries and sites where we have companies and employees are expected to:

  • operate our businesses in a way that protects the health and safety of our employees, consultants and visitors.
  • maintain full compliance with local applicable laws and regulations and when our own requirements are more strict, we will work according to these higher standards.
  • provide healthy and safe working conditions and require the same of business partners and contractors working on behalf of Mycronic.
  • design our processes and conduct business activities with consideration of health and safety at all times.
  • have local procedures and governance arrangements in place to identify and evaluate significant health and safety risks.
  • strive for continuous improvement to eliminate hazards and reduce risks to prevent work related injury and ill health.
  • record and investigate all health and safety incidents in order, amongst other things, to prevent recurrence.
  • encourage employees to give input and suggestions to improve workplace health and safety.
  • ensure appropriate local resources are made available to implement and maintain the requirements of this policy.
  • ensure employees and consultants receive sufficient health and safety related training and information.
  • create an environment that enables individual work-life balance.

The management of each division, country and site is responsible for meeting the above expectations. Mycronic expects every employee, consultant and visitor to follow relevant health and safety directives, and to report any incidents to the closest manager and Local HR (accidents, near misses and observations).



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