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Mycronic Group has a long history of innovation in many areas such as pattern generation, jet printing, die bonding, and more. Our competent employees and leaders in the Mycronic Group are committed to understanding and translating customer needs and trends into new innovations and solutions. Through our global organization and customers, we have a unique understanding of each other’s cultures and markets.

The ability to create new products is not just based on technical competence. Part of our innovation capacity is the ability to identify needs early on and to adapt to changes in the market as well as to be able to see and combine different ideas which together create value for our customers. It also involves the ability to quickly adapt to new conditions. At our seven R&D centers around the world, our engineers in close cooperation with our customers, translate ideas into products and solutions. 

Our customers help us grow

We grow with our customers and new customers in adjacent or new market segments. We do this by taking advantage of our unique expertise and our existing products in new combinations and applications while always focusing on the benefits to the customer. 

Mycronic guiding principle proactive, customer-centric approach
Partnerships and collaborations are part of our expertise

Access to world-class technical competency is key to our long-term success. The right expertise is needed to develop the systems and solutions that customers are demanding. Working in close cooperation with universities, institutions and projects are important ways to ensure access to expertise and understanding in terms of the latest technical innovations. Through collaborations, we get access to new competence and simultaneously build important relationships with research and students.