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8 AUG 2023, 09:39

You might think that sustainable innovation is all about technical advancements, but this concept can be much broader.

We believe that sustainable innovation is not limited to developing technologies that reduce our environmental impact. At Mycronic, it also includes finding new ways of working, collaborating, and creating value for our customers, our employees, and society as a whole. For instance, together with a partner university we are currently studying sustainable business case models for our solder paste inspection (SPI) machines.

We believe that sustainable innovation must take place in all parts of the company and that we all can contribute. That is why we have established Mycronic’s Sustainable Innovation Fund, dedicated to financing innovative projects with a clear sustainability agenda.

With this fund, we encourage all our employees to come up with ideas. Our aim is to unleash their creativity and help them form ideas that can produce a positive change in the electronics industry, in how we work, and in how our work impacts the world. Because our future success and growth depends on maintaining sustainable innovation with a sustainability mindset.