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25 JUL 2019, 10:38

Together with NuFlare Technology and D2S, with support from NVIDIA, Mycronic has established the Center for Deep Learning in Electronics Manufacturing (CDLe) in San Jose, California. Mikael Wahlsten, Director and Product Area Manager for Photomask Generators at Mycronic, gives his insights into the idea behind the new collaboration and what it can mean for Mycronic customers in the near future.

A new global resource

“First of all,” Mikael Wahlsten explains, “this new center is a valuable global resource we can use to build our deep learning expertise within Mycronic. It will serve to strengthen our customers’ positions within a range of Industry 4.0 applications, providing novel solutions to existing problems in pattern generation, SMT assembly, inspection and dispensing.”

The result, says Wahlsten, will be a prioritized portfolio of Mycronic initiatives aimed at developing more adaptive solutions to current production challenges as well as new applications and services to help customers increase yield, productivity and performance.

The digital transformation continues with increasing data

Due to the rising complexity in electronics production, there appears to be no end in sight to the rising volumes of data generated by today’s highly automated factories. In the cases of pattern generation and inspection, in fact, the volume of data produced by a single system in a day can be comparable to the data generated by a small bank.

With the help of deep learning, this “big data” is a valuable resource that can help manufacturers bring the next wave of digital transformation into the physical world.

Center for deep learning AI

“Our pattern generators are used to produce billions of displays used for smartphone screens, computer flatscreens and TV displays every year,” says Wahlsten. “And with AEi, our systems manufacture a large share of all the camera modules which are critical to highly automated next-generation autonomous vehicles. So in many ways, our solutions are indispensible to some very vital global industries.

Our responsibility at Mycronic is to identify where state-of-the-art technologies can create more value in our customers’ production. The Center for Deep Learning in Electronics Manufacturing will help us fulfill that promise, to test new applications in the world’s leading region for AI and deep learning, and to bring these improvements into our customers’ environments as soon as they’re both viable and reliable.”