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15 JAN 2020, 15:00

Through data-driven production there are more ways than ever to gain new insights and better control the electronics production. Mycronic’s vision is to enable a zero-defect assembly line with the highest utilization for any product mix.

Mycronic is leveraging its end-to-end expertise, software and solutions to unleash new levels in quality, flexibility and productivity throughout the factory. At IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego 4-6 February, Mycronic will show a wide array of state-of-the-art assembly technologies that will help improve quality, flexibility and productivity in electronics manufacturing, including new advances in machine-to-machine communication, machine learning, full SMT line capabilities and automated material handling systems.

“We’re moving quickly to a production that’s more predictive, more adaptive to dynamic changes and far more data-driven. It’s our commitment to provide our customers innovative production solutions, together with deeper, more useful insights into their processes,” says Thomas Stetter, Sr VP, Assembly Solutions.

Standardization and integration to further enable the smart factory

The need for customized horizontal and vertical integration is certain to grow in the future, as manufacturers experience ever-increasing demands for transparency. Industry communication standards such as Hermes, CFX and IPC-2581 (Digital Product Model Exchange) will play an important role in this development. Mycronic is supporting and actively participating in the development of these standards.

Full SMT line solution with expanded capabilities
Learn how our latest fully integrated production solution MYPro Line helps you eliminate defects and increase utilization for the most demanding build schedules. At APEX we will demonstrate a number of new hardware, software and automation capabilities.

  • Award-winning AI² solution for a zero-defect production
    Discover how our fully integrated 3D SPI and jet printing solution automatically identifies and corrects missing or damaged solder paste print to help you maintain the highest throughput speeds with simpler stencil designs and zero defects.
  • Unleash new levels in productivity with MY700 Jet Printer and Dispenser

Mycronic's software-driven MY700 solution offers solder paste jet printing and high-speed jet dispensing of adhesives with unrivalled flexibility while reducing production costs and manual rework. The MY700 allows you to produce complex boards with a speed of more than one million dots per hour.

  • Award-winning SIGMA Link
    The SIGMA Link software, a real-time web-based interface that correlates data between solder paste inspection and automated optical inspection, now features more intuitive process controls to further improve inspection efficiency and first pass yield.
  • Versatile pick-and-place solution

The industry’s most versatile pick-and-place solution is now faster, smaller and smarter than ever. Learn how the new MY300HX and MY300EX machines make it possible to build lines that maintain the highest utilization levels at speeds up to 100,000 components per hour.

  • Stops defects at their source with the new K-Series 3D AOI
    Find out how our advanced 3D AOI system helps maximize first pass yield with a scalable solution for both pre-reflow and post-reflow inspection. Also, the new AOI software platform embeds machine learning based technology resulting in faster programming.
  • Smarter material flow
    Stock accuracy, traceability, and delivery performance are key aspects of a material handling system. Increased automation is required, and in many cases is already ongoing. The Mycronic SMD Tower provides more intelligent and automatic access to component reels and trays.

Experience advanced conformal coating and dispensing robots

Mycronic’s MYSmart series is rapidly evolving, and a number of new hardware and software solutions will be on display at APEX. The MYC50 conformal coating system, with its new intuitive user interface, precision spray valve and flow monitoring system, promises to deliver even higher levels of precision, repeatability and yield. Also, explore a range of robots for all dispensing needs – from tabletop to inline solutions. The new MYD55 will demonstrated true 5-axis dispensing and the expansive valve offering enables you to dispense any fluid to meet your production requirements.

Learn how safe plasma cleaning robots increase yields

The new MYS atmospheric plasma system with safe plasma technology, protects your bottom line and is safe to the touch. These robots safely ensure cleaner operations and up to 50 times faster cleaning speeds, higher yields and improved traceability compared to traditional vacuum plasma systems. From semiconductor packaging to sensitive plastics the MYS can plasma clean any sensitive surface.

“Visit us at APEX and learn more how our latest developments tackle the rising complexity in the electronics assembly, with the aim to enhance our customers’ control over the data, processes and material flows that matter most to their success.” says Brian Duffey, President of Mycronic Inc.

The full range of new production line solutions will be on display at the Mycronic exhibition booth #1336 at IPC APEX EXPO 2020, February 4-6 at the San Diego Convention Center.

Contact at Mycronic:

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President Mycronic Inc.
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