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16 MAJ 2024, 11:26

As 2024 unfolds, Mycronic celebrates a significant milestone; more than fifty years of innovation. The company’s history is characterized by sustained R&D efforts, strategic entrepreneurship, and a dedication to customer support. Mycronic’s influence extends beyond manufacturing; it has made a measurable impact on society.

Touching every corner of our lives

Mycronic’s ability to foresee industry trends, work closely with customers, and seize market opportunities is central to our success.

Mycronic's mask writers hold a unique position as the world's sole production solution for advanced photomasks that are essential for manufacturing complex displays. With the mask writers Mycronic is enabling devices to reach new dimensions and to be portable, to go where we go.

For the millions of users of advanced medical devices, the company’s solutions enable manufacturers of these devices to mount a vast array of miniaturized components with superior quality and precision.

From the Mars Rover to the world´s most advanced satellites, we are enabling the flawless placement of thousands of innovative components that are expanding our world and beyond.

Unified vision from the merge of two companies

Mycronic’s inception dates to the beginning of the seventies, rooted in the advent of microprocessors and semiconductors.

The two pioneering companies, Mydata AB and Micronic Lasersystem AB, later merged into one. This signaled a new era of growth, particularly within the consumer electronics and digital device markets.

Now, Mycronic operates as a single, listed company with a unified brand and mission.

Building for the future

While innovation and customers are essential to Mycronic’s continuous growth and competitive edge; strategies revolving climate and people are equally important for what the company is aspiring to achieve to make ready for the future.

That is why strategies for contributing to an energy-efficient industry as well as attracting and developing talent will be further implemented and executed in the upcoming years.

Mycronic’s climate targets will not only ensure that we do good for the planet, but also prepare for changing customer needs and new legislation.

Mycronic’s legacy continues to shape the future of the electronics industry, bringing tomorrow’s electronics to life.