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Mycronic helps accelerate the transition to a sustainable electronics industry by focusing on areas where we have the greatest potential to drive change.

Three key areas 

We focus our work on three key areas: Innovation for sustainability, Future engineers through diversity, and Climate impact from own operations. These are areas where we see that Mycronic can make its greatest contribution to the transition of the electronics industry, while at the same time supporting us in achieving our business goals.   

In each area, we have defined Group ambitions for 2030, broken down by our divisions into concrete targets and actions. 

  1. Innovation for sustainability: We use our innovation expertise to reduce the environmental impact of our products and we look for new technologies and solutions that could be transformative in our industry and in other sectors. 
  2. Climate impact from own operations: We target to reduce CO2 emissions from our facilities, transport, and business travel by 50 per cent by 2030, compared to 2020. We are also committed to introduce science-based targets to reduce both our own emissions and emissions from the use of our products. 
  3. Future engineers through diversity: Through our diversity and inclusion initiatives, we seek to create an inclusive, diverse, and equal workplace. We also promote engineering among talents from many different backgrounds, by engaging in a variety of collaborations. This is an effective way for us to attract and retain the skilled employees we need to grow and innovate as a business. 

In addition to the above three areas, we also work with topics related to being a responsible employer and business partner, such as employee health and safety, supply chain due diligence, trade compliance and anti-corruption. Each topic is addressed either through policy, rules and guidelines, or through specific targets and action plans. 

Other material areas

Responsible business

Social responsibility

Environmental responsibility

Responsible sourcing Health and safety Environmental management systems
Trade compliance Training and development Management of chemicals
Anti-corruption Community involvement Minimizing waste
Anti-competitive practices Human and labor rights  
IT security    

Looking ahead: our roadmap

We are laying the foundation for achieving our ambitions for 2030 and our roadmap is set to bring us forward step by step. In the coming years, our focus will be on finalizing target setting, organizing and training employees, and studying and testing solutions to address our main challenges. Our plans ahead also include preparing our organization for new regulations.