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26 APR 2022, 16:26

Our strategy is to be a market-leading solutions provider within selected niches of electronics production with a high degree of recurring revenue. Sustainable and profitable growth is achieved both organically and through acquisitions of companies in adjacent areas or with stand-alone potential to grow faster than the market average.

Trust is something that is earned. It’s about staying close to customers, being there for them and solving their everyday challenges. For our customers, the strategic value we bring comes down to meeting their exacting manufacturing requirements for higher precision, greater flexibility and ultimately higher productivity. Increasingly, today this is also a matter of helping them achieve their own sustainability goals.

The growth engine behind all value creation at Mycronic is the company’s long-term commitment to technology innovation. It goes right to the core of Mycronic’s DNA and has fueled the our growth for more than 40 years. When our solutions make customers more successful, we becomes more successful, too.

The power of a strong brand

Developing a strong brand is central to Mycronic’s strategy. The main motivator, or purpose, is to bring tomorrow’s electronics to life. The target, or vision, is to be the most trusted partner to the creators of tomorrow’s electronics. The four guiding principles are the rules we live by.

By adhering to our strategy, guided by our four principles and working closely with customers in our four decentralized divisions, Mycronic secures a strong platform for long-term sustainable and profitable growth.

Mycronic's four guiding principles

Mycronic's four guiding principles

Proactive, customer-centric approach

This principle underscores the need to better understand our customers, their challenges, products and applications. Staying closer to their problems means being closer to the solution. The goal is to understand our customers’ challenges so well that we don’t just systematically solve them – we anticipate them. Our global setup, with four decentralized divisions in all major electronics hubs, including China, helps us to anticipate needs in advance. Local teams can respond quickly with shorter decision-making paths and decentralized responsibility for research and development. This allows us to quickly adapt to new requirements for 5G technology, electric vehicles, edge computing and other trends.

Purposeful innovation

Mycronic believes that customer centric innovation starts with solving a market need. As we dream up visions of tomorrow, we do so with our customers’ current and future needs always top of mind. And because game-changing innovations emerge only when one dares to test the limits of what is possible. At Mycronic we foster a culture of innovation that spans the entire organization. Our innovations build on and enhance the company’s current strong expertise in areas such as advanced lasers, robotics and electronics assembly. In 2021, R&D costs amounted to SEK 548 million, equivalent to 12 percent of net sales.

Long-term sustainability mindset

Sustainability is becoming more important for all companies, across all industries. Traditionally, environmental and social aspects have not been main selling points in electronics production. However, this is changing, and Mycronic is already implementing measures that help customers stay a step ahead. By addressing both our own and our customers’ challenges, we can contribute to a more sustainable electronics industry and future-proof our business.

Dynamic, people-centric culture

Achieving our financial goals depends a lot on our ability to attract, develop and inspire our people into the future. A key focus is thus on encouraging an innovative, proactive and entrepreneurial culture, where new ideas can come from anyone. It’s all about creating an open, diverse and responsible culture.