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21 NOV 2023, 11:42

We are happy and proud to be recognized as one of Sweden's Karriärföretag for 2024 (Career Company 2024), offering unique career opportunities to students and young professionals. The Karriärföretagen award is annually awarded to employers in Sweden with a successful employer brand that meet high demands on, among other things, skills development, innovation, diversity, and sustainability. A professional panel including experts in talent and career matters conducts the award selection procedure in an impartial manner.

Mycronic rely on our employees as our most valuable asset, to deliver innovative, high-tech solutions to our customers. In order to maintain employee retention and remain a desirable employer we must be able to offer exceptional career and development possibilities with opportunities for professional growth. Karriärföretagen's overall goal is to assist young talents to a good start of their career. 

As a Career Company, Mycronic have further opportunities to connect with young professionals and students in Sweden on the lookout for their next job. This honor also serves as evidence of our strong and distinct culture, which is marked by dedication, teamwork, and a forward-thinking attitude.

Mycronic coworkers working together with a component

We are grateful to each and every one of our incredible employees who contribute to our company's development as a Karriärföretag. Together, we are able to provide our clients with top-notch solutions while also enjoying ourselves at work.

We intend to remain an appealing place to work in Sweden and around the world, attracting and keeping the top personnel in the business. Are you looking to work with innovation in a global, high-tech company? Join our team and take advantage of the wonderful possibilities that await you at Mycronic. For additional information about our company and available positions, please visit our website www.mycronic.com/career.